Policy & Research

In an effort to influence and shape public policy, NDS develops and lobbies for policy positions that are contemporary and well informed by the views of its members and current research More Info

Sector Development

The sector development part of the NDS team works on ensuring that services have the information, analysis and support they need to operate effectively, while retaining their core focus on responsive, person-centred service provision. More Info


NDS is committed to the development of a skilled, valued, engaged and responsive workforce which will enable people with disability to achieve a decent life. More Info


The Community Resilience Project in Queensland seeks to improve disaster preparedness, response and recovery at both policy and practice levels by strengthening the engagement of people with a disability, their families and neighbours. More Info

Procurement & ADEs

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) provide supported employment for over 20,000 people Australia-wide through over 600 enterprises. NDS works closely with ADEs to capitalise on the changing global social landscape More Info


NDS has workshops scheduled across the state out to June 2014. You will also find upcoming and past events from the Service Development & Innovation Hub in our events section More Info